This is Matt Penney's EPIC Grave Digger Styled Cadillac Hearse

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Matt Penney is a derby driver from the Gander, NL derby. He has been in the derby for 10 YEARS!!!!! He is in both Big sized cars and Compact sized cars. Between 2010-present he has won 2 derbies. 1 in compact and 1 in big cars. He is good friends with other derby driver Kent Winsor and he knows NewfieVideo and 235Firefly really well. He uses really good engines in his cars and is a really good derby car artist.

2010 Gander DerbyEdit

Zebra Hearse

This is Matt Penney's zebra Chevy Caprice Hearse

In the 2010 Gander Derby Matt Penney put in a 1993 Chevy Caprice Hearse designed as a zebra with the ears and everything. On his liscense plate it had the word 'Sexy' in the big cars. In the compact cars he put a Buick LeSabre designed as a tiger. He put the liscense plate on this one to. He won 0 derby's this year, but did AWSEOME in the big car round. Not so much in compact car round.

2011 Gander DerbyEdit

In the 2011 Gander Derby Matt Penney put in a 1987 Cadillc Hearse designed as the monster truck 'Grave Digger' with the number 6:17 in the big car round. In the compact car round he put a red and white 1999 Chevy Malibu with an Ireland flag on it. 

2012 Gander DerbyEdit

In the 2012 Gander Derby Matt Penney put in a purple Mercury Grand Marquis flowers and the words 'Lilah' on it. He has a little bit of red on it to. The car performed really well. In the compact car round Matt Penney put a 2002 Ford Taurus with the same design. He won in the compact cars.

2013 Gander DerbyEdit

In 2013, Matt Penney put a yellow, red, and silver 1975 Chrysler Newport Custom in the big car heat. It performed super well and won the big car survivor round eliminating Ronnis Ellis and his Despicable Me 2 1985 Ford LTD. In the compact car round Matt Penney put in a green and black 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon that said Lilah on the side. It never lasted long but it got some good hard hits.