This is Kent's 2011 Derby Car

 Kent Winsor is a really good driver and puts the Marquis related cars in every time (Grand Marquis, Town Car, Crown Victoria) He is really good friends with Matt Penney and came second in the 2013 Gander Derby, Big Car Round. He number is usually #88

2010 Gander DerbyEdit

In 2010 Kent Winsor put in a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis made to look like a police car. He did good until he flipped his car in the big car survivor round.

2011 Gander DerbyEdit

In this derby Kent Winsor put in a 1998 Lincoln Town Car. It was red and yellow. Kent's number was 88. I do not know how he ended up doing.

2013 Gander DerbyEdit


This is Kent's 1986 Mercury Grand Marquis.

In this derby Kent Winsor put a 1986 Mercury Grand Marquis. It was a monoply looking car. The back of his car got totally demolished. It had the Monoply character on the hood and every sponsor he had written down was in a Monoply box. His number was once again #88.