Master Denine

This is Holly Denine's 2013 being towed in the 2013 Gander Derby

Holly Denine was the only girl derby driver in the 2012 Gander Derby. She did really good both times she was in the derby (2012 and 2013) She always uses the number #888 and her biggest sponsor is: John Denine Towing.

2012 Gander DerbyEdit

Figures she will win. Hashtag

This is Holly's pink Grand Marquis

In the 2012 Gander Derby Holly Denine put a black & pink 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis. The bad thing was in the middle of the first big car round, her Grand Marquis's engine gave out so she could not bring it back in survivor round.

2013 GaNdEr DerbyEdit

In 2013, Holly Denine put a silver 2000 Ford Crown Victoria. The front and back of it got demolished. It performed great though and it has an amazing paint color and the number was written so great.